When do you roast?

Our production days are Tuesday & Wednesday weekly.

What is your roast style?

Our roast style is medium/light for espresso and light for filter coffee. We aim to get the
most out of our coffees through meticulous quality control, and we believe the way we roast
brings out the more delicate flavours. 

Do you have different profiles for each coffee?

Yes! Every coffee that we source can behave differently when roasting which comes down to
several factors such as processing, varietals, moisture content, density etc.


My favourite coffee is sold out, when will it come back?
All our coffees are fresh and are sourced seasonally, so, unfortunately, it isn’t always
possible to get the same coffee in again.

When is the best time to enjoy my coffee?

After the coffee is roasted, it needs time to rest. This is because freshly roasted coffee beans
still contain high levels of carbon dioxide, negatively affecting the flavour. Over time though,
it is released slowly, and we recommend waiting up to 5-7 days for your coffee to de-gas to
achieve the best brew.

How long will my coffee last after roasting?

We recommend consuming your coffee 4-6 weeks of the roast date. The coffee is still
consumable after this; however, we have found that after this time some nuances begin to

How do I prepare your coffee?

Our brew guides offer some assistance for home brewing techniques such as V60,
Aeropress, Stove Top, French Press. You can find these guides here.