Variety Coffee Taster Pack


Discover your favorite coffee and experience our range with our Variety Taster Pack, a selection of four 100g coffees with unique taste characteristics from across the world.

Espresso Coffees (100g):

Filter Coffees (100g):



Discover your favourite coffee type with our Variety Taster Pack.

A selection of four 100g coffees, two of which are Filter Roasted, two of which are Espresso Roasted, each with unique taste characteristics and aromas, ranging from Fruity to Nutty, sourced from across the world.  Each bag should yield 6-7 cups of coffee each.

This product will help you both discover your coffee personality and become familiar with our product range.  Perfect for a coffee lover, great as a gift.

The coffees can be Wholebean or Ground to your preference.*


Espresso Coffees (100g):

  • Mina Blend – A balanced blend of washed and naturally processed coffees, tastes of Chocolate, Nuts, and a touch of Peach. Perfect for Milky Coffee drinks such as Latte or Cappuccino.
  • Brazil Alto Alegre – A natural processed coffee with a Nutty flavour and Thick body, makes sweet and balanced Espressos, typically Brazilian.

Filter Coffees (100g):

  • Burundi Ngogomo – A honey-processed coffee, has a very clean mouthfeel and Citrusy flavour, reminds you of Green Tea and the sweet touch of Honey.
  • Bolivia Samaipata – A luxurious natural processed coffee, with an exotic Fruity flavour and a Dark Chocolate aftertaste. A truly rare find.


The Espresso Roasts are available as either Wholebean or Espresso. If you choose a grind for the package other than Wholebean, the Espresso Roasts will be delivered to you Ground for Espresso.

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  1. Julian

    Great pack! It really helped me to discover new, delicious and interesting flavours!

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