Colombia – Gigante

Mammutidae Collective #1, Gigante





Our first Geisha at 39 Steps Coffee Roasters is a wild, elegant and extremely jammy coffee from the municipality of Gigante in Huila, Colombia.

This lot was enabled through the Cooprocafes association, which supports emerging farmers with smaller plots of land (typically around 3 hectares) by investing in facilities and providing training and knowledge in experimenting with new processes. At the moment only 6 out of the 28 farmers in the program are participating in producing natural Geisha lots. The cultivation is rigorous.

In brief: Ripe cherries are picked by block in 3 to 4 passes, of which the second and third passes are set aside as they tend to produce the juiciest coffee. The producers then wait a few weeks until the less ripe cherries are good enough to pick before drying the lot on parabolic dryers and sorting out defect beans by hand.

These intensely scrutinising cultivation conditions as well as Geisha’s otherworldly flavour profile lead to its record-breaking prices.

We’re very fortunate to showcase this delicious coffee and hope our investment will mean more astounding results and wider recognition of this collective.

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  • Dry

    15 grams

  • Duration


  • Yield

    250 grams

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