christmas taster pack with chocolate and mugchristmas taster pack with chocolate and mug

Christmas Taster Pack


Specialty Coffee and Luxurious Dark Chocolate, a perfect combination for a self-indulging coffee experience.

Spoil someone dear this holiday with our Christmas Taster Pack, a selection of four 100g Coffees, a mug, and a bar of Luxurious (Loctoa) Dark Chocolate.


▪ 1 x Variety Taster Pack
▪ 1 x Mug
▪ 1 x Luxurious Guatemalan 70% Dark Chocolate from Loctoa



Spoil someone dear this holiday with our Christmas Taster Pack

Whether it’s for yourself or someone close, give a selection of four x 100g coffees, a 39Steps mug and a bar of luxurious Loctoa dark chocolate this Christmas.

Two of the coffees are roasted for filter and the other two for espresso, but both will work great however you brew.

Each bag has been selected to showcase the very best of our range, from chocolatey and nutty to fruity and complex. With each bag making enough for 6-7 mugs of delicious coffee, it’s the ideal gift for the coffee lover in your life.

All that’s left for you to do is choose whether you’d like the coffees as wholebean, or freshly ground to order.


    • Espresso Coffees (100g):

      • Mina Blend – A balanced blend of washed and naturally processed coffees, notes of chocolate, nuts, and a touch of peach. Perfect for milky coffee drinks such as latte or cappuccino, or when you prefer a richer filter coffee.
      • Brazil Alto Alegre – A natural processed coffee with a nutty flavour and thick, creamy body. Makes a great espresso and is also wonderful in a french press.
    • Filter Coffees (100g):

      • Burundi Ngogomo – A honey-processed coffee, has a very clean mouthfeel and citrus-like flavour, reminds us of green tea and the sweet touch of honey.
      • Bolivia Samaipata – A luxurious natural processed coffee, with an exotic fruity flavour and a dark Chocolate aftertaste. A truly rare find.
    • Luxurious Guatemalan 70% Dark Chocolate from Loctoa:

      A bar of single origin Guatemalan dark chocolate, brought to us by our friends at Loctoa.

    • 39 Steps Coffee Mug

      For your hearty brews at home


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