Christmas Blend

Lemon Tart - Chocolate - Biscuit


This blend has been crafted with only one thing in mind: to mimic the beautiful warm feeling that only Christmas can give.




Brew Guide:

Filter / Espresso

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  • Dose

    Filter: 13.75g | Espresso: 18g

  • Time

    Filter: 3 mins | Espresso: 28-30s

  • Yield

    Filter: 250ml | Espresso 36ml


2020 has been hard enough for everybody. It’s time to sit under a warm blanket, relax and sip a sweet, comforting cup of coffee.

Using 100% Arabica, this blend contains coffees from highly complex origins: Burundi, Guatemala and El Salvador. It works perfectly as a smooth espresso, a full-bodied filter or a frothy and sweet cappuccino.

Merry Christmas!

1 review for Christmas Blend

  1. Saj Mohamed

    Must try this before it’s gone!

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