Brazil – Alto Alegre





We’re very excited to be partnering up with the producers at Alto Alegre, for what is now our second direct trade project.

Vera Lucia De Almeida Conceição, the owner of the 500-hectare farm, carries on her family’s business which can be dated as far back as the 1880s. Over time the farm has become more and more specialised in an ongoing mission to raise quality and consistency. By dividing lots by coffee varietals and carrying out processing at the farm, we are really able to hone in to specific, juicy and elegant profiles of each coffee.

Further, at 1340 meters above sea level, Alto Alegre is one of the highest altitude coffee producing farms in Brazil, which in turn contributes to the coffees’ elegant florals and ripe stone fruit undercurrents.

Brew Guide


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  • Dry

    18 grams

  • Duration

    30 seconds

  • Yield

    30 grams

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