50:50 Caffeine Blend

Cacao - Cinnamon - Candied Orange


A perfect blend for the times when you still want a little caffeine,
but not the full hit, all without sacrificing on flavor.




Brew Guide:

Filter / Espresso

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  • Dose

    Filter: 15g | Espresso: 18g

  • Time

    Filter: 3 mins | Espresso: 30s

  • Yield

    Filter: 250ml | Espresso 40ml


Featuring 50% Rio Brilhante: an amazing naturally processed Brazilian coffee from the Cerrado region; and our Colombian Tres Pioneros Decaf grown in Huila. Joined together in perfect harmony, they create a blend with a rich flavor, smooth body and with great balance.

Great for espresso-based drinks as well as filter, expect notes of cacao, delicately spiced cinnamon and sweet candied orange.
This is our new go-to blend, great for when you want coffee all day, minus the jitters.


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